Crafting lately


In the last week, I have spent about 9 hours in my craft room actually crafting…  It is the most time I crafted since before Christmas of last year. My mind is exploding for ideas after today. Earlier this week, I spent time playing with vinyl and my Cricut. I made these great 2″X2″ stickers for my coworkers computers. It was one of the first times I used vinyl and I’ve never made stickers before. It was a lot of fun. I am thinking of making more stickers to sell on my Etsy page. If you were looking for stickers, what kind would you like?

Today, I spent the day creating paper garland. I have always wanted to sew with paper and decided today was the day to do it.


It was great to be creative for a whole day. It’s been so long …. This is a hectic time for most heading back to school but find the time and let your creativity out!

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