SMART Notebook Dual Page Display

UntitledHave you used the Dual Page Display function in your SMART Notebook software? The Dual Page Display is not the same as the new SMART Dual Touch boards. Dual Display is a way to show two pages in your Notebook file at one time. I think Dual Page Display is one of the under utilized functions in SMART Notebook.

This is a video I created to show you how to use Dual Page Display.

Although this video showcased uses in social studies, you can use Dual Page Display across the curriculum. For example, in a Special Education or elementary classes, Dual Page Display can be used to move the student from one task to another. As the student finishes a task, he or she can move his or her icon to the next step on the next page in the Notebook file. Math classes display one page as a word problem and the second page as clean workspace to figure the problem. Language Arts classes can showcase an excerpt of a novel, poetry, or reading on one side then analyze the excerpt on the second page.

Have you used Dual Page Display? I would love to hear some of the ways you use it in your class.