BeFunky and Graphic Novels

Photo Effects and Photo Editing with One Click -

We all know students love graphic novels. I decided it was time to create a PD session to show teacher how students can use an online photo editor to help create graphic novels for any content area. I had so much fun working with my teachers today to show them how to use Befunky offers a free and fee based service. Things I like about the free account: 1. There is not registration unless you want to have  log in. 2. There are numerous FREE options for photo effects and “Goodies” (clipart) to add to the images.

After showing the teachers the basic steps on how to use the site, I went through this suggested list of steps to have students create graphic novels. Graphic novels can be used in any content area to create a higher level Bloom’s Project. Below are some steps you can follow for students to create graphic novels.

  1. Students create a story.
  2. Students storyboard the story and decide what photos are needed to create the graphic novel.
  3. Students use a digital camera to create the photos needed for the story. This will allow the students to become personally involved in creating the story. You can also use for students to find copyright friendly images to use.
  4. Students upload the photos one at a time to edit it for the graphic novel.
  5. When the edited photo is downloaded save it to create a sequence of photos, (For example; graphicnovel_01, graphicnovel_02, etc.) Note: File and Folder Management will be very important for students at this point.
  6. Students then use any software such as MS Word, MS Publisher, etc. to put the photos in a graphic novel sequence.
  7. Students save file.
  8. Teachers can decide to have students print the books or showcase them in a round robin viewing session in a lab setting.

One thing I want  you to notice about the list… Students are doing the work, not the teacher. As teachers take their first steps in to technology integration there is a little anticipation on the teacher’s part because he or she may not be an expert. The best part about integrating the technology is the teacher doesn’t have to be the expert. Students will figure it out… SO GO TRY IT!

Here is a link to all of the handouts and an example of how the graphic novel can be set up using something we all use and know – MS Word.