Social Network Inspiration

I have been in need of what I would like to call “Social Network Inspiration.” I have been on Twitter for 2 1/2 years now and have built a strong Personal Learning Group but I found I have been doing a poor job of spreading information as well as seeking information. My latest TweetCloud prove this.



Twitter has transformed a  lot over the last 2 1/2 years I have been involved. I have formed relationships with many of the people I follow. Those relationships vary from online banter to meeting at tweet-ups to friendships. In the last few months I have been using Twitter a more of a virtual coffee break than learning tool. So I have decided to shake things up a bit. I started thinking about a blog post I read from John Pederson. In the post, his #1 Twitter rule was…

1.  I’m random about who I follow and why.  I frequently delete around half the people I follow and start over.  This strategy helps me discover new people, reconsider why I’m following the ones I do, and keeps my ADD in check.

No, I don’t have ADD but I like how randomly following people helps him discover new people. So this past week I started following a group of new people. I wasn’t quite as random as John Pederson but I am working a lot in North Carolina so I asked @kellyhines (her blog) for a few North Carolina educators to follow. Kelly came through in a flash with about 10 great people to follow. There is an excitement with NC educators that is intoxicating. Since adding the educators to my list, I feel renewed and excited to learn. So thank you Kelly and thank you NC educators.