My Favorite Gift

I love making these wonderful little stationary books for friends. They make wonderful gifts. The stationary can be catered to your favorite colors or themes.

Inside the book there is hand stamped stationary and matching envelopes.

My Wedding

My husband and I were engaged in February and married in May. With that short 3 months to plan a wedding I decided to take on making my own invites. We were going to have a casual wedding so I thought it would be fun to create colorful invites with different papers. I ended up creating 10 different designs of the same card.

I loved making the invitations and ended up having a few girls nights to help me finish them. This ended up leading to whole series of homemade items for the wedding. I created “Family Tree” centerpieces for the reception. I got the idea from The Knot but put my own twist on it. We put photos from both of our families on magnolia branches in mason jars with river rock. I also created a gift/memory book. I used my Bind-it-All for the book and it turned out great! Finally to keep in line with the color scheme I created “Thank you” postcards to send out for gifts.

The biggest compliment I received from the wedding is that it was completely us. From the invitations to the service to the reception. It was all about family fun and CHOCOLATE. We decided to not have a wedding cake… we got a chocolate fountain instead.

2011-2012 School Year: Off and Running

So we just finished our first week with students. It was an interesting week. The school is still in the midst of what I would consider major renovations and construction. We opened a new wing – that still needs LOTS of work. Teachers finally received internet/network access on Friday of last week. We still don’t have our SMART boards.

This week I spent much of my week asking/saying, “Did you plug in the cables from the wall to your computer?” or “Oh, here it is… you need to plug in this cord.”

I haven’t spent one moment helping anyone with our new technology initiatives. It makes me sad but I know I have to get people up and running to be able to use technology. Or at least that is what I keep telling myself. The frustration comes from with the construction going on at the school there are SO many cables and things missing. I don’t have the cords to replace what is missing.

With all of my frustrations I can say there is awesomeness going on in the district.
1. Google Apps for everyone! I am SO excited about the use of Google Apps with faculty/staff and students.
2. We are planning the 1:1 mobile learning rollout. Within the next two years every child in the district will have a mobile device. The device has not been decided but we have a couple pilots going on in the district to figure out what is best.
3. Cell Phone Usage! This is a major shift in learning. Out School Board is looking in to changing the policy to allow cell phones for educational use in schools.

There is a lot going on… I just want to get there. I want to get passed the cords and non-working or missing equipment and move on to the integration. I know I will get there but its just in the meantime.