2011-2012 School Year: Off and Running

So we just finished our first week with students. It was an interesting week. The school is still in the midst of what I would consider major renovations and construction. We opened a new wing – that still needs LOTS of work. Teachers finally received internet/network access on Friday of last week. We still don’t have our SMART boards.

This week I spent much of my week asking/saying, “Did you plug in the cables from the wall to your computer?” or “Oh, here it is… you need to plug in this cord.”

I haven’t spent one moment helping anyone with our new technology initiatives. It makes me sad but I know I have to get people up and running to be able to use technology. Or at least that is what I keep telling myself. The frustration comes from with the construction going on at the school there are SO many cables and things missing. I don’t have the cords to replace what is missing.

With all of my frustrations I can say there is awesomeness going on in the district.
1. Google Apps for everyone! I am SO excited about the use of Google Apps with faculty/staff and students.
2. We are planning the 1:1 mobile learning rollout. Within the next two years every child in the district will have a mobile device. The device has not been decided but we have a couple pilots going on in the district to figure out what is best.
3. Cell Phone Usage! This is a major shift in learning. Out School Board is looking in to changing the policy to allow cell phones for educational use in schools.

There is a lot going on… I just want to get there. I want to get passed the cords and non-working or missing equipment and move on to the integration. I know I will get there but its just in the meantime.

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