Beginning a Cell phone and Electronic Communication Device Pilot

We are starting a cellphone/electronic communication device pilot in my school next week. This is part of a district wide pilot that will last for a semester. Electronic Communication Devices are defined as any personal mobile device that can be used for communication, i.e. cell phone, smart phone, iPod Touch, personal laptop, netbook, etc. Goals for the project are very broad but will help us develop a better understanding of the usage in a school.

1. To determine if allowing students to use their own ECDs increases student engagement and satisfaction with their learning environment without increased incidents of abuse or negative consequences for teaching and learning.
2. To learn more about what types of devices students prefer and for what kinds of work they prefer to use them.

I am in the process of creating a survey to ask the students involved about the types of devices they have and the services with those devices. This survey will help us determine the types of activities we can do with the students. Could you look over the questions below and let me know if you have any additional suggestions on what to ask the students?

Ecd survey

Thanks for your suggestions!