Reading out loud with Inflection and Voice

A while back I received an email from a teacher at one of my elementary schools. Kim Spivey is a Reading Strategist at South Kilbourne Elementary School and was thinking about ways her students could improve their reading out load. She wanted to do a podcast of her students reading their character narratives of  based on The Diary of Anne Frank. Kim was working with three students who were in 4th grade. While reading the book, students learned about point of view. The short podcast looks at the point of view of Hitler, Anne Frank, and Anne Frank’s father during World War II. In their brief writings they covered the over all tone of the person. Prior to me coming to help. Kim’s students did all of the writing and practiced reading out loud.

The day arrived to record. I showed up in the class and the students were excited and nervous to make this podcast. With a few practice tries we successfully recorded their voices as they tried to get in to character. Now it was time for the fun… adding affects to set the mood and tone.

Here is what they came up with? What do you think? Not bad for 4th grade huh?

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