About M.A.S.W. Designs


M.A.S.W. Designs is a paper crafting company started by MaryAnn Sansonetti-Wood in 2011. MaryAnn creates handmade cards, stationary, and 3D paper crafts for all occasions.  

MaryAnn became obsessed with paper crafting after attending a few Stampin’ Up! parties. It merged her loves of paper, ink, and glue. Maybe it tugged at her inner child but she loves creating cards, notecards, and treats for any occasion.

You can find M.A.S.W. Designs at numerous local markets, such as Soda City on any given Saturday in Columbia, SC. 

You can also find M.A.S.W. Designs on Etsy and Facebook

Contact MaryAnn about M.A.S.W. Designs
Twitter: maswdesigns

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