#DENSI2014 Did that just happen?

I returned from #DENSI2014 in Nashville Friday night after a day full of driving in the rain. Not my favorite way to drive but none the less, it was time to get home. Prior to arriving at #DENSI2014 I was a little fearful of my aversion to large groups, close quarters, 6 women sharing 1 shower, and having to be “on” all the time. Yes, I am an introvert but an introvert that can drip her toes in to the extrovert world at times. I kept telling myself it would be fine.

When I officially checked in to the Carmichael dorm I was all ready overwhelmed with all of the people and the noise. People were hugging, laughing, and greeting one another. I unloaded my car at the stairs by the door and then parked. When I came back to the door Mark Case, whom I had never met was all ready lifting my heavy luggage up the stairs to the dorm. At that moment I thought, it’s going to be ok.


DENnis Grice, Dave Tchozewski, and David Fisher

Throughout the week I was exposed to some amazing sessions planned and unplanned. My favorite keynote was Lodge McCammon. He never ceases to amaze me. I really enjoyed Conni Mulligan‘s session on creating shadow puppets with old overhead projectors. It gave me so many ideas for not only work but play. Tim Childers session on teaching with one image resinated the word focus for me. I managed to make it to #SitDen (AKA meet at Starbucks and chat at 6am while others were exercising at #FitDEN) a few times. I learned there too. Kathy Schrock showed me explee.com. It’s a cool image animator.

As the week progressed, I decided to let a little of myself show. I brought my photo booth mustaches and started taking photos of people using them. I would walk up to people and say,  “I ‘must-ache’ you a question, may I take your picture?” It was a great way to just talk to people I didn’t know for a moment.  This led to “my thing” at DEN. Someone suggested I do something for WDEN our morning news show. When I was looking at the photos later that night I thought…BAZINGA! I will interview people and they will have to answer with the mustache! This was great for my introverted self. I would meet even more people because I was working on a project. So I spent Wednesday interviewing people in between sessions and editing video. I submitted my video to WDEN and they played it Thursday morning. Here is a little look if you want to watch it. I have more footage and plan on creating a few more episodes. Hopefully time will not get away from me.

Being an introvert, another worry of mine was finding time to recharge in silence. I was worried I wouldn’t ever be alone. Not that I wanted to be antisocial… I just need to recharge. I probably missed out on a few fun things but I did find some quiet space on the patio outside the dorm. It was a great place to sit feel the cool breeze.

I would like to thank the DEN for letting me be me all week. I was able to learn the way I liked to learn. I wasn’t pressured to be part of the crowd. I was given space when I needed it.  The conversations I had were amazing and I met some wonderful people. The conversations were invigorating. The DEN Love was palpable. My twitter and Facebook feeds are filled with their knowledge and friendship. Thank you, so much for this experience.

After the week, I have to admit seeing this post on twitter made me feel a little better about my introverted-ness. It reminded me we are everywhere!


Oh, and by the way, if #DENSI2015 will have me back… watch out, I’ll be out of my shell. 🙂




10 thoughts on “#DENSI2014 Did that just happen?

  1. As a fellow introvert, I totally understand just how much a week at DENSI means. I applaud your mustache idea – I’m even too introverted for that! One of the things I have always loved about the DEN is that they accept that part of me along with all the rest. Last week, I realized just how many of us introverts there are at DENSI – maybe we can plan a DENint event!


  2. Great post! Growing up the shy/introvert, I still push myself to leave my comfort zone. The DEN has always been my safety net. Loved the Must-ache You vids and creativity. Shared that with my daughter and she said it was a highlight for her as a student with a previous teacher. I think the adults last week got just as much fun out of it! 😉 Thanks for sharing!

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  3. What a wonderful article for those of us who want to run and hit a huge crowds and eventually DO need some hiding time when the brain starts to melt.
    I never knew how introverted you really are. Using the mustache as a prop to ‘hide behind’ and allowing others to may not want to go on camera, but did because they had something to ‘hide behind’ was a stroke of GENIUS! I don’t know how you can top that next year, but I KNOW you will!


  4. You rocked that video and you rocked this post. Hope to see more must-ache you ? Videos. Submit them to Judy. We hope to do monthly WDEN news. You can be a regular segment.

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  5. SOOO Great to meet you in person after years of following (stalking?) on Twitter. You are a delight and as I have already said many times, LOVED the “mustache you a question” – will be using it and sharing. Also love your Maker Faire theme blog. I have so much to learn from you! You will see me continue to follow/stalk you!


  6. Thanks for sharing this post! It was great to see you and reconnect after so long. I agree with all of the comments above 🙂


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