Eating… I love it and I’m relearning how to do it.


I have learned a lot about eating in the last month. I struggle with weight and ALWAYS have. Honestly, I haven’t been able to lose weight in over 5 years. I have tried and failed miserably. So at the beginning of June my husband and I did the 2 Week Rapid Weight Loss plan by Dr. Oz. During the two weeks no caffeine, limited wheat, no dairy, no alcohol, limited lean protein and LOTS of  low glycemic vegetables.

I was excited and nervous. Excited just to try something new. Nervous because failure could be a result AND it was the beginning of the busiest time of year for me at work. I am happy to say, we make it through the 2 weeks! My husband and I were a team through the plan. I even ‘cheated’ two times and still lost weight.

In the two weeks I managed to lose 7 lbs. That is more weight than I have lost in over 5 years. The interesting part for me is that wasn’t the most exciting part for  me. Within 3-4 days of the eating plan, I suddenly had more energy. I was waking up 90 minutes earlier than I normally did. I was eating as much food as I wanted. My sugar cravings were GONE. It’s been almost 6 weeks since we started the plan and I travelled for 1/2 of the month of June. To date I am -2 more pounds. I am shocked by the fact that I have been eating out most of the month.

Was the limitations to my diet hard? 

Yes and no. I loved all the food so that wasn’t the issue. The issue was all the food prep took extra time. I spent so much time in the kitchen on the 2 week plan I thought about just sleeping in there. Now, that I am just eating right, I love getting in the kitchen to see what I can create.

In the first 2-3 days of the plan I did experience headaches. I am sure this was a sugar  and caffeine detox.

So what have I learned? 

1. I learned that I was completely addicted to sugar and not natural sugar – refined white sugar. It was great to break that chain. I look at the candy bowl at work and just walk by now.

2. Enriched wheat is everywhere and again, I was addicted. My body doesn’t crave bread anymore. I crave things that make my body feel good.

3. I have always considered myself a foodie. Well now I really am. I love how real food tastes. I crave fresh tomatoes, zucchini, sweet peppers. New flavors are wonderful and exciting to my taste buds.

4. Now I look at food as fuel for my body not something that makes me emotionally feel better. I still love pizza and cheeseburgers. I just don’t eat as much or as often.

5. Having my husband by my side through this transition made things a lot easier than doing it alone. We both crave healthy food now. I also think our change in eating has positively effected my step daughter’s eating. I am happy she has tried all the foods we are eating.

Where do I go from here? 

I will be traveling again next week. I am heading to Nashville for the Discovery Education Network Summer Institute. I know I will be plenty active there but eating… oh, the eating…. I will just have to listen to my body.

My husband and I are starting Couch to 5K and hopefully running a 5K in the early fall.

My body feels good and is looking better.  At 40 years old that is a good thing.