Will you sponsor my classroom?

IMG_5778Let me introduce myself. I am MaryAnn Sansonetti-Wood, a high school geography teacher. I am beginning my 21st year teaching. I teach at Spring Valley High School in Columbia, SC.  Spring Valley is a wonderful school to teach. Some don’t understand this when I say it but I am fortunate to teach freshman. Most run from freshman but I like them. I have the opportunity to not only teach them human geography but also teach them how to “high school.” So many things change when students move from middle to high school. I try to help with the transition by teaching life skills with the content.

This year, South Carolina is changing the social studies standards at many levels and specifically 9th grade. We are moving from World Geography, which is more location/regional based geography to Human Geography. This is focus on human interaction on and with the earth. Why are we there? Why care? Are the big questions we start off discussing. With the change in standards, the state is not offering a new textbook to use for the class. Are textbooks required to learn? No. What a textbook does is  give the students a quick reference at their finger tips. It’s a starting point on topics we will expand upon.

The book I am specifically looking for is Contemporary Human Geography, 4th edition byCHG James Rubenstein. The book has wonderful 2 page topic descriptions that will allow students to have quick reference to topics we will cover and expand upon.

What I would like to ask the internet is for help in supplying my textbooks. The books are  $127.98 each so I am not asking for someone to go in to debt helping. I would really love for someone who has the ability to purchase without blinking an eye to help.

I am looking for classroom / textbook sponsors. What will I do for those who sponsor the textbook I am looking for? You can purchase the book on my Amazon wishlist.

Bronze Sponsorship: Buy 1-2 textbooks – Your name is listed on the inside cover of the book as a sponsor.

Silver Sponsorship: Buy 3-15 textbooks – Your name is listed on the inside cover of the book as a sponsor. Your name will also be listed on a thank you post on my blog.

Gold Sponsorship: Buy 15-30 textbooks – Your name is listed on the inside cover of the book as a sponsor. Your name will also be listed on a thank you post on my blog. I will also have a plaque made to place in my room with your name for sponsorship.

This may seem like an unconventional way to find funding or purchase textbooks but I want what is best for my students. I want them to have the opportunity to learn without barriers and you can make that happen.

The purchase of these textbooks will help roughly 90 students per school year for the next 5-7 years. That is approximately 630 students over the next 7 years! 


Who are my students? I have students from every level and every socioeconomic background. I have students who have never left the city who live in along side students who are from places like Bangladesh, India, Nigeria, South Africa, and China. In 2018-19 my student body make up was 36% African American, 34% Caucasian, 20% Asian, and 10% Hispanic. Of those students 10% had special needs of which included Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADD and ADHD.

A little statistical data about Spring Valley High School.

Please help me meet the needs of my students. Fund our future.



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