What does a teacher need?

I need your help.

Here’s a scenario. It’s early August, a high school teacher is preparing her classroom for the new year. She is a new teacher and wants to incorporate the latest educational practices in her classroom.

I am wondering in the age of collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking (4Cs); the maker movement; Project Based Learning; Passion Based Learning; Design Thinking; 1:1 implementations; what supplies does a high school teacher need to be successful?  Once a teacher compiles this list, what is the best way to go about getting all of those supplies? I am not just talking about posters on the wall. I am talking about real everyday supplies like post it notes, chart paper, etc.??

Please leave a comment below or add your suggestions of a supply list for this classroom here.



One thought on “What does a teacher need?

  1. The first thought that came to my mind wasn’t anything concrete. Ways to keep up to date with what’s happening in educational technology, become connected – a suggestion for an RSS reader & a list of ‘must-read’ blogs (both general and subject specific); a Twitter how-to, account & starter list of people to follow.

    Actual supplies – a document camera of some sort (I still have a HUE from my time at RV!), cardboard & other recyclable items (to make), a MakeDo, a Raspberry Pi. I also love me some post-it notes, chart paper & sharpies. A lesson plan book/journal – I loved actually writing down my plans and then taking notes on how the class went, changes I would make, etc. Something to make their room smell warm & inviting (bath & body works wallflowers are awesome).

    As for getting those supplies…that’s a tougher question. Besides using your own money or receiving them from the school, not sure. They seem too small for anything like Donors Choose or other grants.



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