Need something? Make it.

I am all packed and ready for my trip to Cedar Rapids for “Mother’s Day Madness” (aka I am flying to meet mom for a weekend of relaxing). I am trying to pack super light and want to take my Kindle. I keep it in my purse and it’s getting purse gunk on it. Every time I think about buying a case it’s either when I just get home from shopping or I am wasting time on Amazon and can’t decide what I want. So tonight I took matters in to my own hands. I made one! (The crowd shouts in rhythm) “Maker! Maker! Maker!”

It is a simple case with a little upcycle to it. I had the fabric all ready and as I was looking through my supplies I realized I didn’t have any batting. Oh, NO! But upcycling to the rescue! I used an old stocking that sits in my craft room. It was the perfect weight for my little case.



After measuring the Kindle it was pretty easy. Layer my fabric and sew….


Fabric Sandwich

And 30 minutes later, I had this wonderful little pouch. 🙂


Kindle in a pouch!

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