Why is blogging so hard?

I have been fake blogging for years. I have recently decided it was time to revisit what blogging really means to me. I have always kept separate blogs for the education part of life and the my crafting. I would post on occasion. I used to blog more and recently I have asked my myself why don’t I make the time anymore? Why is it so hard?

I have come to a few conclusions. 1. Since I started blogging social media have become a major part of the culture and my life. There isn’t as big of a ‘need’ for me to blog because I’m constantly microblogging – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are my connections to my people. 2. I am used to keeping everything separate. Each topic I am interested has it’s own blog, webpage, Facebook page, twitter account, etc. Why? In my mind, everything needed to be separate. Work couldn’t mix with my personal life. But we all know, everything mixes together in life and it is ok for my online world to reflect this.

So welcome to the relaunch of my blog, Life is a Maker Faire. I have mashed up my blogs to create this one location to celebrate arts, crafts, education, and the Do-It-Yourself mindset. This blog will explore my work in technology education and my maker, DIY side. Who knows what will happen when these two worlds collide online! Hopefully it will be an interesting fun ride.

2 thoughts on “Why is blogging so hard?

  1. I feel ya on this one! I LOVE micro-blogging, but I’ve been craving a larger platform (like…a real blog!). I had the same feeling holding me back: being a crafter AND a techy/geeky professional, it felt weird to talk about them at the same time. But these 2 worlds make us who we are & they’re more similar than I had thought! I’m so happy to have a friend like you who gets that!! 🙂 And I’m happy you’re here in the blogosphere with me too!


    • I have that excuse of “I don’t have time” about the larger platform but I think it can help me get my creative side on as well as help me work through work processes. I am happy you are here with me too!


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