Branding and Marriage in the Modern World

Recently, I have published a twtpoll asking people to help me decide on my new last name. I am getting married in a couple months and it is a serious question to ask of a 37 year old woman who has made her mark on her career with her maiden name. So I am polling anyone on the internet about what my name should be. I understand the decision in the end is my choice but I am interested in other’s weighing in. I have had a number of responses from friends and family explaining what they chose and why. I am surprised that at the time of this blog post the option of MaryAnn Sansonetti Wood with Sansonetti as my middle name is in the lead.

Over the last 13 years, I have conducted workshops, presented at conferences, and received awards as MaryAnn Sansonetti. So if I continue on my career path would I have the same recognition as MaryAnn Wood or even MaryAnn S. Wood? Would people make the connection that I am that person they saw a year ago at whatever conference where I did a presentation on SMART board or iPods? In today’s world branding is mainstream and my brand is my name. So I am leaning towards the hyphen but please feel free to weigh in!

4 thoughts on “Branding and Marriage in the Modern World

  1. This may sound cold but it's not meant to be but I suggest no changes at all. He has his name you have yours. Not taking his name is not a sign of anything, just that you each recognize yourself as unique individuals that have chosen to be married. Branding sounds so ….bovine.


  2. When I got married I took my maiden name as my middle name. It really helped when things came up with only my maiden name and it could be sent to me. After 31 years, I haven't regretted doing that.


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