Looking for inspiration….

I am at SC EdTech in Myrtle Beach, SC this week. If you read my last post you know I am a little discouraged with technology integration or my lack of passion so I am hoping that being at this conference will inspire me. Am I expecting to sit in a session and see the light to eternal ed tech happiness? No, but I want to leave here feeling like I CAN do something new or WANT to do something new. So I am holding this conference up to high standards this year.

More than anything… I am in need of serious face-to-face  Personal Learning Network. My PLN helps me through the tough times and I am so lucky to have them physically around me for the next two days.  This is where I will find my inspiration and I thank them all for being that inspiration when I need it the most.

SC EdTech fill me up because I am almost on empty!

One thought on “Looking for inspiration….

  1. Sorry the EdTech useful to you. I really don't believe you have a lack of passion. I think it is more that you are discouraged in your departments lack of incite into what can be done to help prepare the young kids of today to be productive adults in the U.S.A. tomorrow. I hope they wake up and realize you are heading in the right direction and that it can be done and still meet regulatory restrictions. Miss reading your blogs; hope you are doing okay and come back to blog world soon.


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